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I have dry scalp. What JOE product is best for me?

Although all three of the JOE shampoos have moisturizing properties, JOE GROOMING Sensitive Shampoo is your best bet because it’s sulfate-free and extra gentle on dry/problem scalps. Be sure to follow up immediately with JOE GROOMING Daily Conditioner for best results.

My hair is really oily. What can I do?

Use JOE GROOMING Daily Shampoo with tea tree and eucalyptus, and JOE GROOMING Daily Conditioner massaged into the scalp for about 30 seconds each.

What is pomade used for?

Maximum shine and moldability. JOE GROOMING Pomade allows the user shine without a hard shell finish.

How can I tame my curly hair?

JOE GROOMING Straightening Pomade conditions dry and curly hair with aloe while bees wax and gum resin tame the curls into a cool look. JOE GROOMING Straightening Pomade won’t build up or clog pores.

Is gray hair cared for differently than colored hair?

When our natural color fades and hair becomes gray, the texture changes. It varies from person to person depending upon hair type but for the most part, gray hair has a coarser texture so it needs to be handled differently. JOE GROOMING Sensitive Shampoo is gentler on hair and scalp because it’s sulfate-free. That means the hair retains more of it’s natural moisture so it’s a great choice for gray haired guys. Also, when using the conditioner, you might want to leave it on for 10 or 15 seconds. The JOE styling products are all great for gray hair but if your hair is very coarse, stay clear of the grooming compound because it adds more texture to the hair than you want.

How long have JOE products been on the market?

JOE GROOMING products have been on the market in the US for a few years now. It’s distributed throughout Europe and in New Zealand as well.

Are JOE products tested on animals?

JOE GROOMING products are not tested on animals, nor do we endorse animal testing.

How can I get a JOE educator at my salon?

We love education here at JOE GROOMING, and as JOE becomes more widely distributed throughout the US, we will build our educational team from stylists in those distribution areas. If you’re interested in doing education for JOE GROOMING, contact your local JOE distributor or send us an email.

Can I use JOE products on my beard and face?

Absolutely. JOE GROOMING products are formulated using natural and organic ingredients that are safe for use externally.

How come JOE shampoos don’t give me as much lather as my girlfriend’s shampoo? Is it getting my hair clean enough?

The amount of lather is created by the surfactants (soap) in the formula. The more surfactants, the more drying it becomes for the hair and scalp. We’ve kept the surfactant level as low as possible while still maintaining the shampoo’s ability to properly cleanse.

I’ve read in your literature that every guy should be using both shampoo and conditioner but conditioner makes my hair flat. Can I skip the conditioner?

You could skip the conditioner but then you’ll only be reaping half the benefits of JOE’s cleansing/toning system. Most conditioners are not made with guys in mind. We created a light, invigorating weightless conditioner that tones the scalp and conditions only the hair that needs it.