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What makes us different


Our core belief is that our customers need products that work. We formulate with a mindset of creating simple and effective solutions and take the necessary care and diligence to ensure our product functionality is maximized while being comprised of as natural a base of ingredients as possible.

products that won't disappoint

Our products are conceptualized with a specific purpose in mind. From our new beard oil and beard balm to our specialized shampoos and styling products, we have products to address a wide variety of hair and skin types in very intentionally thought through ways. Whether you want only the high-quality core cleansing products or you want to experience grooming trends as they happen, we have you covered.

Professional Experience

For over ten years, our company has been working directly with salons and barbershops, instead of using distributors. This model allows us to understand the needs and demands of clients and their expectations when it comes to product performance and customer support. We enjoy sharing these insights with our community and utilizing this information to inform our decisions and product offerings moving forward.

Manufacturing at its finest

A major piece of a quality customer experience, when it comes to men’s grooming products, is the consistency of each formula. We manufacture all our products in the USA in order to ensure product quality and to maintain close communication and relationships with our entire supply chain. Collaboration with our partners in the US allows for quicker and more meaningful product iteration and more developed customer experiences.